Is your service safe?

It is absolutely safe. We do nothing with your account that would compromise it or harm your reputation.

Will my follower count grow?

Yes! This is our guarantee. Every account is different and we don’t promise you a certain number of followers per month, but you will grow.

I just sent you all my information. What now?

We’ll take some time to analyze your account and the data you’ve sent us, then we’ll get back to you within 24 hours about how to proceed. Once everything is in order, we will contact you about payment and let you know what we will do next.

If I stop using your service, do you take away my followers?

That’s not even possible. Your followers are real people, and they will follow you for as long as they are interested in your account.

Will I still have access to my account?

Yes, you can still use your account. You can continue posting pictures and using your account normally.

I’m looking for something different. Can you do custom orders?

Yes, we can. Contact us by email or through our contact page and tell us what you’re looking for.

If I have a lot of accounts, can I get a discount?

Contact us with more information and we’ll let you know.

Will I get fake followers or real ones?

We only use methods that will help you get real followers. Buying fake followers harms your account status, and we highly recommend against it. We do not pay or incentivise anyone to follow you.

Why aren’t I getting more followers?

The number of followers you get varies from one niche to another. Some grow faster than others. The quality of your content also has a lot to do with how many followers you get. We can only direct Instagram users to you. If they don’t find your content interesting or relevant, they aren’t likely to follow you.

Why isn’t my engagement rate (number of views, comments, and likes) higher?

Statistics show that as an account grows, the engagement rate decrease slightly. The main factor, however, is the quality of your content. If your content isn’t interesting or engaging, people will not view it or like it. Also, never buy followers. We don’t buy followers for you, and you shouldn’t either. This can greatly lower your engagement rate and your standing on Instagram.

I want you to manage more than one account. Can you do that?

Yes, please contact us with your current account info and we’ll work with you to manage as many accounts as you want.